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But first,  coffee

Imagine the enchanting smell of that sweet nectar and it's misty smokes developing through morning sun rays... Did it brought a smile on your face? Then hello, my fellow coffee lover! ☕ The most common way to prepare coffee in my country is our own version of  'Turkish coffee'. It's non-filtered, ultra strong beverage which… Continue reading But first,  coffee


Shine on,  little diamond! 

There is something so sweet and cozy in this scentence, with a touch of motivation and inspiration to keep your spark shining, don't you think? 🎉 Last week my best friend asked me to design her a custom notebook cover with it,  inspired by a Shine on printable from Etsy: After a few text ajustments it came… Continue reading Shine on,  little diamond! 

Everyday life

Keepin’ it organised

People who get to know me better might say I'm into pastel colors and adore unusual and fun stationery. Trying to keep my collection minimalistic though (accent on trying), and make it handy when it comes to time management. As a way to organise a super cool and adult-wannabe life, I'm finding that 'write it down'… Continue reading Keepin’ it organised