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Church of Saint Sava (temple of Saint Sava) in Belgrade

City I’m living in for quite some years now is Belgrade, located in faraway beautiful land of Serbia (since the most views of my blog come from different parts of the world 😊), on Balkan peninsula in Europe. 😁 It’s one of ex Yugoslavian republics, not Siberia or Siria –  two most common places people mix it with.

It came to my mind to periodically walk you through it’s charming attractions, since I like to snap photos around 😊

Inspiration for this post came while working on some new golden autumn prints today when I remembered this photo of newly finished part of Church of St Sava’s wall:

It’s still under construction, but it’s a must-see when you visit Belgrade. It’s among biggest Orthodox churches in the world (biggest by area and 2nd biggest by capacity,  estimated 10.800 people can fit inside). 

This is a part of finished underground interior,  all detailed and  in beautiful pastel shades of gold. Its breathtaking especially if you come in non crowded parts of the day and stand there and just admire people who had enough patience to create so much detailed art. 

And this is how it look from outside, with it’s 82m hight:

I took this photos few months ago,  before they started work on main interior mosaic, which will surely be as impressive. 😊

It also has a beautiful park around it,  where you can enjoy a bit of greenery and fresh air.

It’s place of built holds a story of resistance of Serbian faith to Ottoman empire’s occupation,  long time ago, and since it’s construction had to be paused several times,  it’s surely a symbol of persistence. 

Have you ever been to Serbia,  or this part of Europe, if you are not living here? 

Have a wonderful day! 



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