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Freworks of green! πŸ’š

A pop of color for today's post! 😊 This beautiful example of nature's diversity is Equisetum arvense, Equisetaceae. You might know it as Field horsetail plant, Β since its latin name is derived from words 'equus' - horse and 'seta' - bristle. This plants grow in watery places such as meadows or streams and river areas.… Continue reading Freworks of green! πŸ’š

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Church of Saint Sava (temple of Saint Sava) in Belgrade

City I'm living in for quite some years now is Belgrade, located in faraway beautiful land of Serbia (since the most views of my blog come from different parts of the world 😊), on Balkan peninsula in Europe. 😁 It's one of ex Yugoslavian republics, not Siberia or Siria -  two most common places people… Continue reading Church of Saint Sava (temple of Saint Sava) in Belgrade