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But first,  coffee

Imagine the enchanting smell of that sweet nectar and it’s misty smokes developing through morning sun rays… Did it brought a smile on your face? Then hello, my fellow coffee lover! ☕

The most common way to prepare coffee in my country is our own version of  ‘Turkish coffee’. It’s non-filtered, ultra strong beverage which you drink and enjoy slowly, from smaller coffee cups while exchanging new life stories with your friends. Also, there are usually some sweets involved 🍫 And if you are lucky enough, you have at least that one friend who knows how to ‘read a future’  from an empty coffee cup for fun (that’s where the non-filtered part comes in handy) but that is a story of it’s own. 🙃  Do you have some similar or specific coffee habit in your country?

During college, it had an honorable place in my following studying routine: declutter, make my desk neat enough and sort out all the papers.  Then make a big cup of coffee and fill a bottle with lemon and ginger infused water. First enjoy a couple sips of coffee, and then start learning all the facts. 💪 And that is one of the reasons why this quote printable easily found it’s place in my shop:

It also reminds to enjoy life a bit more, as well as to stop and take a deep breath before starting to conquer the fortress of daily tasks.

What is your favorite type of coffee? Do you sweeten it,  add some specific flavor or you enjoy pure and strong coffee taste? Share it in comments ☕

Have a wonderful day!



5 thoughts on “But first,  coffee”

  1. I love that people love coffee and enjoy the taste, the comfort, the routine, etc. but have to admit I’m not a coffee or tea drinker – not a fan of the taste. But I mostly drink for thirst, so I miss that whole coffee experience. Although, I drink mugs of soup for comfort and sometimes hot chocolates.

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    1. Thanks for your comment! 😊 It’s so nice to cozy up with any tasty beverage, no matter if it’s coffee or tea, important is it brings you good mood 😊 😻


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