Shine on,  little diamond! 

There is something so sweet and cozy in this scentence, with a touch of motivation and inspiration to keep your spark shining, don’t you think? 🎉

Last week my best friend asked me to design her a custom notebook cover with it,  inspired by a Shine on printable from Etsy:

After a few text ajustments it came to my mind to add a digital diamond art which would be incorporated with text,  and that’s how this printable was made:

She also wants to make a t-shirt with same text and that’s how this pattern came to existence,  since I thought it would pop up more on white t-shirt than previous background:

shine on

After adding text and keeping it more minimal, voilà !
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and can’t wait to print it,  since it will be the first t-shirt with wandermellow signature! ✌️

Do you like it?

Its also available as printable at Etsy shop 😊🎉

Hope you liked a bit of behind the scenes story! What are some quotes which motivate you to keep on through life challenges?

Have a wonderful day! 🎉


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