Everyday life

Keepin’ it organised

People who get to know me better might say I’m into pastel colors and adore unusual and fun stationery. Trying to keep my collection minimalistic though (accent on trying), and make it handy when it comes to time management.

As a way to organise a super cool and adult-wannabe life, I’m finding that ‘write it down’ system goes a long way for keeping plans and commitments tamed up. It helps me to keep up with priorities and declutters otherwise tend-to-multitask mind.

In general,  I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible and it works as a charm,  for now.
Usually it includes one pocket diary or notebook at a time (more only if needed, for example work an personal one) with calendar for planning a long term commitments and writing down random thoughts and ideas.

I check out important dates and create a kind of timeline for stuff coming up.

Currently it’s this super cute, tiny one!

(P.S. Anyone noticed these lovely HPLC spectrums? #nerdy 😊)

There I’ll usually include a very long to-do list of all the goals and things needed to be done over a couple of weeks, no matter how important or urgent. That way whatever pops up in my mind doesn’t end up neglected over time just because it’s not needed to be done instantly.

This list has an advantage only when you don’t pressure yourself to get all things done at once and end up more stressed. Thats why I’ll  prioritise it afterwards and every week choose a few most important tasks to deal with first.

As an enthusiast for geeky things, I tried a lot of organisation apps and pocket diaries (big shout-out for Google Keep which I reeealy like using, Writeaday and Evernote!)  but ended up returning to written diary for most of stuff. There is something so satisfying in good old fashion writing down and especially crossing things of paper list by a pen,  wouldn’t you agree?  😊

Anyway, after trying a ton of apps,  the one I kept using daily is actually a pre-installed Android notes app  (👋 to Android users) which after an upgrade came boosted with more options and a few beautiful backgrounds.

In this app I keep a short term, daily, to-do lists, such as list of groceries,  toiletries, small business tasks and all the random daily reminders.

Beside that I will usually keep a few electronic sticky notes on desktop screen, pen and paper or small notes in my bag, especially when traveling.

Also, taking just a few minutes a day to reflect on your achievements,  no matter how small they are,  makes a good habit over time and ads up motivation.

How are you keeping your life organised and keep all the tasks under control? Do you have any special tips, tricks or shortcuts to get all the work done?

Hope this text will be somewhat helpful if you are trying to find more ways to keep up to your schedule. 🎉

And of course,  I have to declare a love for tiny diaries and cute pouches 🙂

Have an awesome day!


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